Yoshizawa Hideaki
Inashiro High School - No. 5
Third Baseman
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Kanji 吉沢 秀明
Nickname Yoshi-san
Gender Male
Age 18 (debut)
Place of birth Tokyo
Education 3rd Year High School (debut)

Inashiro Alumni [1]

Style line-drive hitting style
First Appearance
Anime S1 - Episode 42
Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara

Yoshizawa Hideaki was a student of Inashiro Industrial. He was the third baseman of the Inashiro Baseball team.


Yoshizawa have a lot of pride being one of the clean-up batters for Inashiro. He is also one who quickly gets irate and complains when Narumiya is mainly cheered by the crowd or when the pitcher gets the most recognition in Inashiro. [2] However, he greatly trusts Narumiya along with the other second years that joined Inashiro with him.

Act IEdit

West Tokyo TournamentEdit


Yoshizawa watches Seidou's semifinals match against Sensen Academy with Hirai, Harada and Narumiya.




Batting: Yoshi's sharp swing can create opportunities for Inashiro to score. He was formerly the team's third batter.

Player StatisticsEdit



  • Rankings from the guidebook: [3]
    • Defense: He ranked fourth in Glove handling.

Name EtymologyEdit

  • Yoshizawa (吉沢) - Lucky Swamp
  • Hideaki (秀明 ) - Shining Excellence


  • "I know very well that people think our second-years are the core of our team. But...we the third-years have will power! The Clean-up has pride!"[4]


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