The Summer Regional Tournament are qualifying tournaments held in all 47 prefectures of Japan to determine the 49 teams that will compete at Summer Koshien each year. Teams are seeded base on how they perform in their Spring Regional Tournaments and Spring Prefectural Tournaments (i.e. Kanto Tournament).

In Tokyo's case, there are both West and East regionals. However, the Spring Tournament has teams from both regions face each other. If a team finishes in the Best 16 in the Tokyo Spring Tournament, they will automatically be a seeded team for their Summer Regional tournament.

Regionals for 87th Summer KoshienEdit

West Tokyo Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Seidou High Best 8
Ichidaisan High Best 4 (at least)

Regionals for 88th Summer KoshienEdit

West Tokyo Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Seidou High Best 4
Inashiro Industrial Champions

Regionals for 89th Summer KoshienEdit

West Tokyo Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Akikawa Academy Fourth Round
Chigusa Metropolitan Fourth Round
Ichidaisan High Third Round
Inashiro Industrial Champions
Maimon West High Second Round
Murata East High Third Round
Sakurazawa High Best 4
Seidou High Runners-up
Sensen Academy Best 4
Yakushi High Best 8
East Tokyo Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Teito High Champions
Seiko Academy First Round
Ugumori High Best 16
South Hokkaido Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Komaidai Fujimaki High Champions
Osaka Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Osaka Kiryu High Champions
Miyagi Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Ikuei High Champions
Kagawa Summer Regional
Teams Rank
Ichizen High Champions

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