The Spring Tournament (known as Tokyo Metropolitan Spring Baseball Tournament) is an annual baseball tournament that is considered the preliminary to the Summer Tournament. Like with the Fall Tournament there is no location based West-East Tokyo division. The top 16 schools or teams that reached the fourth round get to be seeded for the Summer Tournament both in West and East blocks.[1]

Winners and runners-up of the tournament in the 7 prefectures of the Kanto Region as well as the third and fourth place finishers of the prefecture-host of the tournament, amounting to 16 schools in total, are then qualified to participate in the Kanto Tournament.


Act IEdit

Spring Tournament[2]
Teams Rank Prefecture
Inashiro Industrial Best 4 [3] West Tokyo
Seidou High Winner West Tokyo
Ichidaisan High Best 8 [4] West Tokyo
Sensen Academy Runner-Up [5] West Tokyo

Act IIEdit

Spring Tournament[6]
Teams Rank Prefecture
Seidou High Best 4 [7] West Tokyo
Inashiro Industrial Winner [8] West Tokyo
Yakushi High Third Round [9] West Tokyo
Eigen High Third Round [10] East Tokyo
Akikawa Academy Third Round[10] West Tokyo
Ichidaisan High Runner-up[8] West Tokyo
Kawamura High Third Round[10] East Tokyo
Seiko Academy Fourth Round East Tokyo
Teito High Best 4[11] East Tokyo
Sensen Academy Fourth Round West Tokyo
Ugumori High Best 8[12] East Tokyo
Ueno Academy Fourth Round [13] -
Kasugaichi High Best 8 [14] East Tokyo
Bitou High Fourth Round -
Niougakusha Ootsuki High Best 8 [15] -
Koukaidai Sugata Best 8[12] -
Houdaiichi High Fourth Round [13]
Kurohira High Third Round[10]
Bakata Academy Fourth Round[10]


  • Of all the tournaments, the Spring Tournament is the only one to take place over the course of two months, mid-March to the end of April.
  • In the manga, the Spring Tournament is one of two tournaments where all matches were held on the weekends or non-school days.
    • The first two weeks of the tournament are during the break between Winter trimester and the start of the new academic year.

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