Seidou High


Kataoka Tesshin (current)
Sakaki Eijirō (former)

Assistant Coach

Ochiai Hiromitsu

Club President

Oota Kazuyoshi


Takashima Rei


Miyuki Kazuya (current)
Yūki Tetsuya (former)


Umemoto Sachiko
Natsukawa Yui
Yoshikawa Haruno
Chris Yuu Takigawa (former)
Fujiwara Takako (former)

Bearing pride in our hearts, we only have one goal! The National Championship!
Seidou Baseball Team

Seidou High (青道高等学校 Seidō Kōtō Gakkō) is a high school located in Kokubunji, a city in West Tokyo. It has a strong baseball team. However, they have not successfully reached Koshien for six years when Sawamura begins his first year there.

In Sawamura's first year, they were beaten by Inashiro Industrial in the West Tokyo Regional Tournament finals to qualify for 89th Summer Koshien. They once again failed to reach Koshien, losing to Inashiro for the second year in a row.

After the third years retired, and with Kataoka close to resigning as coach, Seidou won the Tokyo Fall Tournament and were invited to participate in the 84th Spring Koshien, as well as qualifying for the Jingu Tournament. They reached the semi-final round of the Jingu Tournament before losing to Houmei High. At Spring Koshien they reached the quarter-finals, but lost to the Summer Koshien, Jingu Tournament, and eventual Spring Koshien champions, Komadai Fujimaki.

After their Spring Koshien experience, Seidou once again begin their attempt to reach Summer Koshien. They reached the semifinals of the Tokyo Metropolitan Spring Tournament before losing to Ichidaisan High. However, they will be seeded for the West Tokyo Regional Tournament qualifier for the 90th Summer Koshien.

Baseball TeamEdit

As of Act II, Seidou currently has 59 second and third years and 35 new first years. 94 members in total. In Act I, the club has a total of 93 members: 34 third years and 59 first and second years. [1]

By Chapter 50 of Act II, Seidou's jersey numbers have been reset and a new team will be constructed for the 90th National High School Baseball Championship. [2] And according to club members, there is a max of 20 players for the First String and another 20 for the Second String. [3]




Retired PlayersEdit



Summer: 88th National High School Baseball Championship
Practice Matches Official Matches

Summer: 89th National High School Baseball Championship
Practice Matches Official Matches
  • Seidou High School vs Ichidai High School
  • Seidou High School(2nd&3rd year) vs Seidou High School(1st year)
  • Seidou High School vs Yokohama High School
  • Seidou High School vs Inashiro Technology High School
  • Seidou High School vs Shuuhoku High School

Practice Matches Official Matches
  • Seidou High vs Seitama Sakai
  • Seidou High vs Kaiyou High
  • Seidou High vs Chiba Shoudai High
  • Seidou High vs Arita High
  • Seidou High vs Yakushi High
  • Seidou High retired 3rd years vs Seido High 1st string
  • Seidou High A Team + Ochiai vs Seido High B Team + Kataoka

Spring: 84th National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament
Practice Matches Official Matches
Practice Matches Official Matches
  • Spring Tournament 3rd Round: Seidou High School vs Eigen
  • Spring Tournament 4th Round: Seidou High School vs Houdaiichi High School
  • Spring Tournament Quarterfinals: Seidou High School vs Kasugaichi High
  • Spring Tournament Semifinals: Seidou High School vs Ichidaisan High



Seidou Facilities

Seidou High possess advanced training facilities for the baseball team, so the players can both develop their skills and enjoy their surroundings. There are two private fields (A ground and B ground) which they don't have to share with other sport clubs, so they can freely practice throughout the whole year. There is also a indoor ground, two bullpens, one storage and the Greenhorn Dorm.

A groundEdit

This ground is mainly used as a training ground for the first-string players and for practice games with other schools. The ground is not for practice only, it’s also the place for valuable interaction with senpais. There are also meetings there after a game or practice is over. The field is fully equipped with lights for night games, so they can practice at night too. Contests between 2 groups and showdowns between fellow club members unfold there.

B groundEdit

The facilities are equal to A ground, but it’s often used by second string players. This was the place where they piled the soil up simulate pitches from Sensen Academy's “giant” Maki. The day before the game against Sensen, Kataoka pitched personally and threw about 200 pitches for the Seidou members to practice on.

Indoor practice groundEdit

There is an indoor practice ground next to the Greenhorn Dorm. The earth was laid out underneath the same as baseball ground. Even on rainy days they can have practice similar to outdoors. Club members often use it for personal training before going to bed. Even after the end of the summer tournament students gather and practice.

Seidou Spirit DormEdit

Seidou receives talented players from all prefectures and therefore players have the option to stay in the dorms, or to commute to school. This dorm is only for baseball club members, when the 3rd years retire from baseball, they would move into the unoccupied rooms on the 2nd floor of the dorm and would remain there till their graduation. Within the dorm there is a large dining room, where all the club members have their three meals a day together, and is considered as a place of relaxation for those who live in the dorm. The dining room is used to check videos of rivals and to have reflection and strategy meetings. The system of the dorm is to have 3 student for one room:

  • 1 Third year student
  • 1 Second year student
  • 1 First year student

Team ChantEdit

King's Roar or Shout of the Champion's (王者の掛け声 Ōja no Kakegoe)


School AnthemEdit


  • Baseball Team's Motto: "Learn today. Devote every moment. (今日学べ. 終始一誠意)"
  • Sakaki Eijirou is the former coach of Kataoka Tesshin and thus the Seidou High School Baseball Team.
  • The school's layout, appearance, and facilities are based off the real life school Sakae High School in Saitama prefecture.
  • Mine Fujio mentions that during the 83rd Summer Regional Tournament Seidou had to play without their ace.



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