Sakaki Eijirō
Sakaki eijirou02
Baseball Coach
Bats: Throws:
Kanji 榊 英二郎
Gender Male
Age unknown
Education unknown
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 322
Anime S2 - Episode 28
Voice Actor Nakata Jouji

Sakaki Eijirou is the former coach of the Seidou High School Baseball Team. He then became head coach at Hosei University before returning to coaching High School Baseball at Yura Technical High School in West Tokyo.



Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Kataoka TesshinEdit

He is his former coach and mentor.


  • "I came to declare war on you, Tesshin." - to Kataoka [1]
  • "I don't have much time left [till retirement] to work as a coach, so... Don't run away, Tesshin." - to Kataoka [1]



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