Okamoto Ippachi
Teito High School
Baseball Coach
Bats: Right Throws:
Kanji 岡本 一八
Gender Male
Age 65 (debut)[1]
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 238
Anime S2 - Episode 4
Voice Actor Gotou Tetsuo
Q: Coach Okamoto,what is baseball to you?

A: A Blaze.

Okamoto in in Another Dimension

Okamoto Ippachi is the baseball coach of Teito High School.



Okamoto believes that no matter how a player's technique is polished, or how great the training facilities a player is given, if the players lack spirit they will never win. He is a passionate coach who trains his players during fielding practice, assisting them in harnessing Teito's Iron Wall defense.


  • '"To raise an ace, first you gotta trust him. But losing is not the way to go, it's an absolute no-no!" [2]


  1. Act I - Chapter 240
  2. Act I - Chapter 256

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