Miyuki Kazuya
Seidou High School - No. 2
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Kanji 御幸 一也
Nickname Pretty Boy Catcher (イケメン キャッチャー Ikemen Kyatchā) (by Todoroki Raizou)

Last Boss (ラストボス Rasuto Bosu) (by Wakabayashi Gou)[1]
Leader-in-training (リーダ 未だらい Rīda Midarai) (by Sawamura)
Moanyuki Kinkzuya

Cap (キャップ “Kyappu”) (by Sawamura)

Gender Male
Age 15 (debut)

16 [2]
17 [3]

Date of birth 17 November
Place of birth Tokyo
Bloodtype B
Height 179 cm
Weight 71 kg (156 lbs)
Family Miyuki Toku (father)
Education 1st Year High School (debut)

2nd Year High School [2]
3rd Year High School [3][4]

Class 2-B (former)
3-B (current)
Skills Clutch hitter
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 1
Anime S1 - Episode 1
Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai
We're not the King. We're the Challengers!
Miyuki to the team.[5]

Miyuki Kazuya is a student of Seidou High and is the regular catcher as well as the captain of Seidou High's baseball team. He is a genius catcher whose name is nationally well known. He was scouted by Takashima when he was still a first year in junior


Miyuki has medium length brown hair that he styles messy and windswept. He has brown/amber eyes, and wears glasses. During games he wears contacts and visors to protect them from debris. He often wears his hat sideways. Miyuki is considered to be rather good-looking, often having a plethora of girls shouting his name whenever he's at bat.


Miyuki is deemed to be arrogant and cheeky, and enjoys getting into people's heads. Whether by outsmarting them on the diamond, or just by getting under their skin, he is often seen laughing because of this. In contrast to his gadfly-ish attitude, he can be serious and forthright, not mincing words when pointing out what his teammates should have done and can do better. He's not afraid of being disliked, and there were times when his strict words have affected his teammates. But he has stronger determination to win than anyone else hidden inside of him.[6]

Despite all this, Miyuki is still well-liked by his teammates due to his reliability and cool head, making him a valued player on Seidou's roster. He comes off as callous at times, opting to progress forward, often ignoring personal sentiments and feelings, but in reality he wants what's best for the team, and for his team to be the best. Miyuki is among the players who takes baseball seriously and takes initiative in every situation that will benefit the team. His unorthodox methods have given him an edge over other players, and his talent is frequently recognized.

He does not often open up to people or talk about his past. In all actuality he is pretty closed off with himself. He is one of the few players whose room is often flocked to by other members. He is Yuuki's shogi playmate and Isashiki's former massager. Kuramochi and other batchmates also frequently hang-out in his room along with Sawamura and Furuya. He looks up to Chris, his senior who had defeated him in junior high.[7] After the third years retire, Miyuki is promoted to team captain, as recommended by Yuuki. At first he worries about not being able to measure up, but is slowly growing more confident in his role as the story progresses.


It is revealed that Miyuki's relationship with his father was not a particularly close one. He is seen cooking for himself in junior high and eating dinner alone while his father is too busy working. A photograph shows Miyuki's mother holding him as a child, but her absence in Miyuki's life denotes that she either passed away or left the family when he was still very young.

Miyuki wants to be the catcher.
Miyuki's baseball career started early back in elementary school.[7][8] He was the smallest member of their junior high baseball club and volunteered to be the catcher. He was particularly attracted to the mitt as it looked different from all the others and very much enjoyed being the one calling all the shots on the field.He exhibited great prowess and talent, which impressed his coach and wondered why he preferred that position. Towards his teammates, Miyuki is open and frank regarding their lacking performance, making him their source of their irritation.

Miyuki was harassed by his teammates, getting called names like psycho and weird. He gets beaten up by a few of the other members of his team, but would still show up at practice and smile, much to the surprise of his bully teammates. He later faced Chris' team and lost flat-out. It was also that time he was recruited by Rei.[8] During his Junior high years, he landed as part of the senior league together with some of Inashiro Industrial's baseball members such as Mei Narumiya. He rejected Narumiya's offer to join Inashiro, preferring to go to Seidou instead.

Act IEdit

When Sawamura ends up having a duel with Azuma Kiyokuni during his first visit at Seidou, Miyuki volunteers to catch for him. After testing the waters, he gets interested in Sawamura's moving fastball and calls him his partner.
They meet again

On the first day, while the new club members introduce themselves, he arrives late and sees a hiding Sawamura who is also late. He scares him about not being remembered by the coach then convinces the freshman of a plan to sneak into the line without getting noticed. Sawamura follows the plan, only to be used as a decoy so Miyuki himself could sneak in the group. He still gets punished by coach Kataoka.

In the quarterfinals of the Spring Tournament, Miyuki hits a homerun off Manaka Kaname, ace of Ichidaisan High and awes the audience with his prowess as catcher. He later informs Sawamura of a scrimmage between the first, second and third years before Furuya joins them, and asks Miyuki to be his catcher. Miyuki watches the scrimmage and later catches Furuya's pitch after the freshman makes it to the first string. They form a battery at the Kantō Tournament, where Furuya gets to show his awe-inducing fastballs. In Seidou's match against Teito High, he tells Furuya to return to the dugout after Furuya's finger bleeds due to the strength of his own pitches. Tanba replaces Furuya and Miyuki notices refinement in Tanba's pitching.

He goes to watch the second string match against Kokushikan High upon hearing that Chris is the catcher. Chris invites him to the bullpen to see Sawamura's pitch and is surprised with Sawamura's pitching form. After the match, he hopes for Chris to make it to first string. Chris however, doesn't make the cut and Miyuki makes his resolve to fight till the end.

Training CampEdit

Miyuki escapes
At training camp, Sawamura and Furuya ask Miyuki to catch for them, each having their own reasons. Miyuki thinks they're too egoistic and invites them to his room instead. The first years arrive and are surprised to find some of their senpais in Miyuki's room. Miyuki tells the pitchers that it's good to know more about their teammates, but actually uses them as escape goats. He leaves the room to sleep in Maezono's room, leaving Sawamura and Furuya to take care of the senpais.

In Seidou's practice match against Osaka Kiryu, Miyuki fails to catch a pitch for the first time when Furuya accidentally throws a split-finger fastball rather than a forkball. He proceeds to lead him while teaching the first year the importance of control, impressing Chris.[9]

They form a battery again
Furuya gets subbed and Miyuki forms a battery with Sawamura. He leads him effectively, and makes use of his potential. On the final day of the training camp, a three way round robin is held between Seidou, Inashiro Industrial and Shuuhoku.[10] After Seidou's scrimmage with Inashiro Industrial, Sawamura talks with Narumiya and Harada, Miyuki and Kuramochi step in however, before Sawamura could say too much. As they watch Inashiro's scrimmage against Shuhoku, Miyuki reminds the awed freshmen pitchers to watch Inashiro's ace closely.

Narumiya soon displays his change-up, firing up Seidou. Miyuki thinks that Narumiya probably threw the pitch to scare them but it only brought the opposite. Tanba calls Miyuki to warm up, surprising the latter. Miyuki leads Tanba in the scrimmage against Shuhoku, efficiently using Tanba's curveball for the first half of the game. In the dugout, Miyuki tells Tanba of his plan to utilize the forkball next and Tanba challenges Miyuki to catch the pitch if he can. Accepting Tanba's challenge, Miyuki calls for the pitch right at the start of the sixth inning. Miyuki catches the fork while thinking that the pitch is amazing. The game however, abruptly ends after Tanba is hit by a deadball at-bat.[11]

In Tanba's absence, Miyuki helps the freshmen pitchers improve their fielding and ball control together with Chris. He is seen catching pitches from Yuki and Isashiki after practice, understanding Kataoka's intentions.

West Tokyo TournamentEdit


Seidou first faces Maimon West where Miyuki leads Furuya then Sawamura. After defeating Murata East in the third round of the tournament, the Seidou players watch Akikawa Academy and Tokamiyama's match. Miyuki tells Sawamura and Furuya to observe Akikawa's pitcher You Shunshin for he's got something they don't have - ball control.

Miyuki isn't happy with Furuya
During practice, Miyuki finds Furuya taking a nap. He irritatedly tells Furuya to wake up, adding that he needs to pitch in the bullpen. Furuya says he'll be there in a while because it's hot. Miyuki scolds him but quickly realizes that Furuya is probably not used to the temperature as it is his first Summer in Tokyo. A day before the match, he tells Furuya that he should pitch a few balls only after the sun sets. He then checks on Sawamura in the evening, who practices pitching with Kataoka standing in the batters box.

The following day, Seidou's match against Akikawa begins. Early in the game, Miyuki notices that the batters aren't choking their bats despite seeing Furuya pitch, then realizes that Akikawa doesn't have any intention of swinging. He wants Furuya to relax, but Miyuki notices the increasing temperature is affecting Furuya. Kataoka eventually calls for a pitcher substitution but Furuya isn't willing to leave the mound. Miyuki frankly tells Furuya that he'll just drag the team down pitching as he does now. Furuya hands over the ball to Sawamura and leaves the mound. In leading Sawamura, Miyuki calls for an inside pitch to out the batter.

"See you next year."
Bottom of the fourth, with one out, runners on second and third, Miyuki faces Shunshin at-bat and hits Shunshin's pitch by putting himself in the catcher's shoes. Miyuki then thinks they'd make a great battery. The scores are tied and Miyuki runs to home after a bunt but is out. He continues to lead Sawamura and later Kawakami in closing the game. Seidou wins and makes it to the top eight. Miyuki talks to Shunshin after the match saying he had fun playing against him.[12]

After that match, Miyuki and his teammates watch the game between Ichidaisan High School and Yakushi High. He is surprised with the game's outcome, admitting to Chris that he's glad they didn't face Yakushi first, otherwise they would've been the ones in trouble. The day before the quarter finals, Miyuki reminds Sawamura and Furuya to focus on passing the baton on the next pitcher.


The game begins and Miyuki notices Yakushi's batters go after Furuya's high pitches. Miyuki plans to utilize Furuya's split-finger pitch but knows that fastballs are still Furuya's best weapon. He reminds Furuya that he's got reliable senpais behind him but performed poorly at-bat however, without any runners on base. He changes his strategy in leading Furuya, focusing more on pitch control rather than power upon realizing a change in Yakushi's strategy.

Sawamura replaces Furuya at Raichi's second at-bat. Miyuki gets angry at Sawamura after the freshman disobeys his lead. After seeing Sawamura come to his senses however, Miyuki leads the pitcher again and jams Raichi. On top of the sixth and Yakushi's third batting cycle, Raichi hits a homerun off Sawamura and Miyuki apologizes to Sawamura for the wrong lead. Sawamura throws four balls after, prompting Kataoka to sub him out with Kawakami. Realizing that Kawakami is somehow affected by Raichi's homerun hit, Miyuki decides to walk Raichi on top of the eighth. After another pitcher sub Tanba doesn't let Yakushi tie the game. On top of the ninth Tanba throws an easy pitch but Raichi fouls surprising Miyuki. Having quickly grasped the situation, Miyuki then calls for a forkball to close out the game.


In their match against Sensen Academy, Tanba is the starting pitcher for Seidou. Sensen focus on hitting Tanba's weak fast balls, getting a point in the third inning. To avoid giving up additional runs, Miyuki decides to shut the next batter with Tanba's breaking balls. On top of the fourth, Sensen intentionally walks Miyuki. Later Miyuki notices Tanba is worn out due to not starting in games for a long time. They however, manage to finish the inning without giving up runs. On top of the sixth, Sensen's battery once again walks Miyuki. He reaches home-base after Haruichi's at-bat. Seidou get a three-point lead.

Sawamura replaces Tanba on the mound but walks the first batter. After the second batter hits Sawamura's pitch Miyuki calls for a time-out but Sawamura calls it off. He tells Miyuki that it's only normal in baseball that pitches get hit. Seeing that the first year is fine, Miyuki returns to his position. Sensen scores a run and Miyuki analyzes the situation. He tells Sawamura that his qualities as a pitcher are being tested in the situation they're in. Sawamura later yells that he'll be focusing on the batters. With Maki standing on the batters box, Miyuki wants Sawamura to pitch low. Maki fights with fouls and Miyuki sees Sawamura's determination, he calls for an inside pitch to strike Maki out.

Miyuki talks to Narumiya's group
After Seidou bag the win, they watch Inashiro's match against Sakurazawa High where Miyuki figures out Akira Nagao's pitch. After that match, he accompanies Sawamura, Furuya and Haruichi. While he is waiting, thinking of the upcoming match, he is seen by Narumiya and his group. Shirakawa asks him if he was able to gather data which Miyuki replies that he got nothing from Narumiya's perfect pitching. Narumiya is flattered but tells Miyuki that even without him, Inashiro is still the strongest team. As they leave, Shirakawa tells Miyuki that he'll forever regret his decision of not joining them.[13][8]


At game time Miyuki observes Narumiya and his pitches. He deduces that Narumiya's change-up not only messes with timing but also breaks like a screwball. At Seidou's defense, Miyuki leads Furuya efficiently, striking Inashiro's batters out for three consecutive innings. After the third, Miyuki tells Furuya to change his undershirt and is surprised when Sawamura offers Furuya a drink, thinking that Sawamura is fighting with them in his own way. Afterwards Furuya faces some difficutlties prompting Miyuki to call for a time-out. He tells Furuya not to get misled by the batters batting stance.

Miyuki signals Tanba to walk the batter
On top of the fifth, Miyuki battles Narumiya with fouls but eventually strikes out. Tanba then steps on the mound and Yamaoka scores a homerun right off him. Seidou gather on the mound and Miyuki hopes that it doesn't affect Tanba's performance. He calls for a time out after Tanba walks Hirai with four balls. Chris thinks that Miyuki made the right decision calling for a timeout to help Tanba regain his calm. Tanba however, throws a deadball, walking the next batter. Miyuki looks for a sign but Kataoka lets them handle the situation.

Tanba later suffers from a leg cramp and Kataoka calls for a pitcher substitution. Sawamura steps in to face Narumiya. Understanding Narumiya's personality, Miyuki calls for inside pitches to strike him out. Miyuki later commends Sawamura after he throws a cutter then pulls off a double play at the bottom of the eighth, saying that it's the best pitch Sawamura has thrown so far. At the bottom of the ninth with only one out left, Shirakawa's at-bat and Sawamura pitches harshly, hitting Shirakawa on the head. Miyuki notices that Sawamura is deeply troubled and signals the coach. Miyuki tells Sawamura he's done well, before the latter leaves the mound.

Miyuki in shock
Miyuki wants Kawakami to attack with his strong spirit and the latter pitches, but the batter hits the ball. Carlos (who is sent to first base in place of Shirakawa after the deadball) sprints to home tying the score.[14][15] Just as the team regain their focus, Narumiya sends the batted ball to the centerfield and the fielder fail to save the ball. At the line-up, while his teammates shed tears, Miyuki is one among four (Yuuki, Sawamura and Furuya) who don't.[16][17]


While his teammates continue to grieve over their loss, Miyuki watches the video of the finals match over and over. Kuramochi talks to him about it but Miyuki only tells him that with the current Seidou team, Nationals will only be a dream. He later watches the finals together with Sawamura, who was the one asking to watch it. Miyuki thinks Sawamura really wants to move forward but worries about Kawakami. He remembers Shirakawa and Narumiya's words way back when he saw Narumiya with his group after Inashiro's semi-finals match. Miyuki then smiles widely as he hopes for Narumiya to come back stronger after Koshien.

He was chosen as the next captain of the Seidou team after Yuuki retired.[18][19] It is revealed that he was strongly recommended by Yuuki who believed to be the fittest to lead the team. He had to bear the burden of being a core member of the team, the catcher who fixes the pitchers, the fourth batter, and the captain. Coach Kataoka knew that this would be something Miyuki can't face all alone so he asks Zono's and Kuramochi's support.

By fixing the pitchers, Miyuki had to help Kawakami, who had been severely emotionally affected by his last pitching against Inashiro, and Sawamura who suffered yips, and therefore deteriorating ability that showed during their practice game against Yakushi high.[20][21] Initially, Miyuki showed concern about his leadership, confessing to Yuuki that he's doubtful whether he can lead the team as the captain. He was however reminded that his every action would affect the team, encouraging him as the guidepost of the very team Miyuki is now leading.[22][23]

Fall TournamentEdit

Miyuki representing Seidou
Miyuki attends the Fall Tournament drawings, and while other teams have their own preference on what block to play in, Miyuki believes it doesn't matter against whom they'll play since Seidou has Koshien as their goal. Finding out later that Teito High will be their first opponent, then a third round match against Inashiro Industrial should they win, Miyuki gets criticized by Kuramochi for his poor luck at drawing. Miyuki laughs it off saying that it's exciting.[24]

First RoundEdit

While Mukai outs Seidou's batters one after another during the first round, Miyuki thinks that Kengo Inui is extremely good at catching his pitches. On top of the third, Miyuki leads Furuya and does the opposite of Mukai's tactics. Miyuki hasn't yet called for a breaking ball but the battery shuts the batters out with pure force instead. The rain becomes heavier on top of the fifth and Furuya faces some difficulties. Miyuki asks Furuya if the rain bothers him. He goes on to ask if Furuya flung the last pitch down to the ground so the ball won't end up flying. Furuya confirms this and Miyuki gives a positive response.

The game is put to a temporary stop at the bottom of the fifth due to the rain. Miyuki notices that Furuya is sleeping and lets him know that he's relaxing too much while he wished that the game hadn't been suspended at that point when Furuya has drive. When the game resume, Miyuki makes a two-base hit, but Mukai outs the following batters. On top of the sixth, Furuya's performance drops and he is pulled out to be replaced by Sawamura.[25] Miyuki leads Sawamura, mainly calling for an outside pitch to strike out the batter. At the bottom of the seventh, Miyuki once again hist Mukai's pitch, thinking to himself that pitchers with good control are his favorite.

On top of the eighth Miyuki calls for an inside pitch but Inui hits it.[26] On top of the ninth, Kawakami stands on the mound but struggles to take the third out. Miyuki calls for a time out to calm him. Noticing that the skies are clearing, Miyuki tells Kawakami to look above. With this, Kawakami regain his calm and strikes out the batter.[27] Seidou wins the game.

The following day Miyuki hands a scorebook to Nabe and asks him to watch Inashiro's and Ugumori's match. They have a quick conversation and Miyuki interprets that Nabe wants to quit, telling Nabe that he can't stop someone who wants to.[28]

Second RoundEdit

Miyuki warms up with Sawamura at the bullpen. Kuramochi volunteers to stand in the batters box and Sawamura unknowingly throws to the inside, surprising his sempais.[29] At game time, Seidou takes a quick lead by five. Miyuki calls mostly for outside pitches and when he finally calls for an inside pitch Sawamura ends up hitting the batter.[30] Sawamura then faces Nanamori's fourth batter who expects Sawamura to only throw to the outside. Miyuki hesitates to ask for an inside then opts for an outside pitch. Sawamura shakes of the sign. Understanding that Sawamura wants to throw to the inside, Miyuki calls for the pitch and Sawamura throws a strike. Seidou eventually wins the game in five innings.

After hearing of Inashiro's defeat the team watch the video of the match and Miyuki comments that Inashiro's catcher clearly wanted a breaking ball to finish off the batter yet Narumiya shook his head. He adds that if he were the catcher he'd never allow such selfishness. The team took notice of Nabe's meticulous notes and Miyuki told the team about what he said to Nabe in the private conversation he's had with him. Maezono is infuriated, but Miyuki says bluntly that not everyone in the team is there to be friends, and that it's impossible for everyone to walk the same road. This anger Maezono further who says he refuse to accept Miyuki as captain.[31]

Third RoundEdit

Miyuki apologizing
On the day of the match, Miyuki tells the team to focus on defeating the opponent right in front of them. The game begins with Furuya walking the first batter, surprising Miyuki. He walks the next batter but outs the third. At Umemiya's at-bat, Furuya disobeys Miyuki's lead, resulting to Ugumori's three run lead. This doesn't sit well with Miyuki who scolds Furuya saying that if Furuya doesn't want to follow his leads then he should leave the mound. After three outs, Miyuki apologizes to Nabe.[32]

Bottom of the first Miyuki sends the ball straight to center-field and Kuramochi makes it to home. Miyuki too, gets to home after Maezono hits long to left field. After the inning, Miyuki calls Maezono raising his hand for a high-five, a gesture, that Maezono returns. Miyuki then continues to lead Furuya, centering on the splitters with the intention of making the opponents more aware of the breaking ball. At the bottom of the third, Miyuki hits a homerun giving Seidou a two point lead.

At the top of the sixth, Miyuki stops a steal attempt from Ugumori.[33] After their defense, he wonders if it's about time they switch Furuya out as his pitch count already exceeded a hundred. On top of the seventh, two outs and runner on second, Miyuki notices that Furuya is pitching low with less power making him wonder if Furuya could be getting better. Top of the eighth, after Furuya holds his ground against Ugumori's relentless attacks, Miyuki thinks Kawakami will most probably pitch on the ninth, but considering the audience that's behind Ugumori, Miyuki looks at Sawamura. Kataoka then lets the catcher know that Sawamura will be pitching in the ninth.[34] At the bottom of the eighth Miyuki persistently fights with fouls but eventually gets jammed.

Haruichi notices Miyuki's and Sawamura's evil grins
When Sawamura is sent to the mound he is overwhelmed by the crowd that's cheering for Ugumori. Miyuki then relieves Sawamura by telling him the plan of shutting them all up. Miyuki leads centering on outside pitches but Umemiya fights back with the crowd behind him pressuring Sawamura. Miyuki realizes however, that it's Umemiya himself who's causing Sawamura to tense up. At full count, Miyuki takes his time and decides to go with a cutter to the inside believing in Sawamura's inner strength. Sawamura throws and Umemiya taps the ball. The ball bounces to Sawamura who quickly throws to Kuramochi, who together with Maezono pulls of a double play, Seidou wins the match.[35]

After the match, Maezono and Miyuki are being awkward towards each other. Maezono admits that he hasn't forgiven Miyuki for what he said to Nabe while Miyuki doesn't have any intention to change his opinion. Miyuki admits that he may have been hard with his words but it all comes down to what Nabe wants, infuriating Maezono once more. The following day, Miyuki tells Yuuki about what he told Nabe, then his fall out with Maezono. Yuuki then offers Miyuki his piece of advice and tells the catcher why he recommended Miyuki for the captain position.


Sawamura starts good and with two outs and no runners, Miyuki calls for the changeup. Sawamura embarrassingly fails to do so and walks the batter. At Seidou's Miyuki who got a hit earlier on, is surprised by Wakabayashi changing his form, pitching from the side. The batted ball bounces to Wakabayashi's mitt and Miyuki is out on first. At Seidou's defense, Sawamura does a good job keeping Ouya to two runs.

At the top of the sixth, Ouya's battery walks Miyuki. At Seidou's defense, the third hole is up and Miyuki notices the batters standing far forward. He considers using the changeup but decides to get the strikes on the inside instead. The batter fouls the first pitch. Miyuki calls for a time out and his teammates try to loosen Sawamura up by telling him that they are starting to acknowledge his abilities. Next up is Ouya's clean-up and Miyuki again calls for the changeup, which Sawamura successfully executes, striking the batter out. Sawamura then is allowed to play the whole game and at the bottom of the eighth after a combo play from Haruichi and Kuramochi, and three strike outs, Seidou wins and move on to the semifinals


Ogawa collides with Miyuki
Miyuki plays foridable as a batter and a catcher and makes the opponent desperate. In attempt to score a run Ogawa runs full force to the home plate where Miyuki already has the ball. Despite that he doesn't slow down and collides heavily with Miyuki. It's a forceful slam but Miyuki stays his ground and outs the Ogawa.[36] Later during the match Miyuki starts exhibiting signs of discomfort like heavy breathing and excessive sweating. When he is taking off his gear he feels a sharp pain and he realises that he is injured. Regardless, he continues to play and marks Seidou's victory with his homerun.[37]

Even after they returned to the school, he doesn't tell anyone about his injury. Kuramochi however becomes suspicious and starts to follow Miyuki to make sure he is alright. Miyuki starts to subtly prepare Ono to stand in his place in the final if he isn't able to play. He asks him to catch Sawamura's pitch with the excuse of wanting to see the pitch from the side.[38] Yet, he caught Sawamura's pitches afterward and in the morning, because Sawamura wanted as much practice as he could, much to Kuramochi's frustration.


Before the match Kuramochi confronts Miyuki about the latter's injury and scolds him, but nonetheless tells him to only crumble down when they win.

Is it the sense of responsibility as captain? Or the ego as the player? If you're that hell-bent on being that obstinate, tough it out till the very end. Crumble down only after we've won!
Kuramochi to Miyuki.[39]

Miyuki plays although he is injured. He plays well in defense but he can't hit any pitch during their offense. At the top of the fifth Raichi strikes Miyuki out with the latter unable to make any contact with the ball. Walking back to the dugout, Miyuki apologizes to Maezono. Everyone is shocked that Miyuki was unable to touch the ball in such a critical moment and questions what might have happened to him. Zono goes up to bat and wonders why Miyuki apologized and then realizes that Miyuki might be injured from the tackle in the game against Seiko. Zono confronts him and asks if he is alright. Kataoka allows him to play as long as it is reasonable and makes sure that he'll take him out the moment he notices Miyuki is damaging himself or the team.[40] By then, the third years and Rei from the bleachers have also noticed.

Miyuki gets a checkup
His peers were rightfully worried considering Miyuki hid his injury from the team, especially Rei. Fortunately, the doctor checkup revealed it was only an abdominal injury with no broken bones, but nevertheless painful. Since Miyuki himself said he was alright and hadn't shown any sign of discomfort during the game so far, much to the doctor's surprise and admiration, he gets the pass to continue playing.[41]

In the 5th inning, Miyuki miss-throw a touch out at 2nd, allowing Raichi to steal the base. Regardless, Sawamura encourages Miyuki saying he'll try his best even if his captain is in a slump. The battery refocus and despite giving back the lead, they was able to strike out Yakushi's dangerous clean up combination, Raichi and Sanada, in the 8th inning. At bat in the 9th inning, still unable to hit well but Miyuki hung tough with foul balls and landed his first hit of the match to get on base. Miyuki attempted a risky steal to 2nd and thanks to Haruichi's smart feint to squeeze to home, Yakushi fielders react late allowing Miyuki make it safely to 2nd. With Zono hit, Haruichi made it home to tie the score, Miyuki round through 3rd base and try to earn another point. Miyuki had to dive to home plate and managed to score reverting the score for Seidou; regardless, his rough plays clearly concerned his peers. [42][43] Although in pain and uncomfortable, so much so that he can't feel if it hurts any more, he played the whole game and remained until the last inning. Furuya closed out the game for Seidou.

Jingu TournamentEdit

His injury was stated as "pulled side abdominal". He wasn't allowed later on to play at the Jingu tournament given the doctor's advice of a three-week recovery period. Within that time, all he did was to look after the team and specifically comment on the sense of unity of the pitchers which he finds sickeningly well to his taste.

After that 3 weeks, he starts some light exercises like running and hanging out with Chris at their training center. [4] He comes back completely recovered to the team for the hellish Winter camp.

Act IIEdit

Spring KoshienEdit

First RoundEdit

Miyuki fast reaction
Miyuki rapid pick-off
Furuya pitched until the 7th inning and Sawamura comes to replace him, Seidou was leading Houmei High by 4 - 1. Getting too excited, Sawamura tripped on the mound. Miyuki tried to hide his laughter after he caught the rolling ball from Sawamura. Miyuki demonstrated his defensive skill and picked-off a 2nd-base steal in only 1.83 second, impressing the audiences. Seidou scored another run in the top of the 9th inning and maintained their lead by 5 - 2 and Sawamura closed out the game in the bottom of the 9th inning.
Miyuki double
Miyuki hits a Double

Second RoundEdit

Catching Furuya's pitches in the 2nd round, Miyuki noticed Furuya seems to have relaxed and as a result his pitches achieved impressive velocity. Occasionally mixing in the Splitter and Slurve into his game calling for Furuya, the battery held Nihonshouno batters' at bay. Batting first in the 4th inning, Miyuki hits a Double and Furuya followed up with a 2-runs HR to open the score for Seidou. Kawakami was then subbed in to close out the game.

Third RoundEdit

Miyuki hits off Hongou
Miyuki hits off Hongou
Miyuki formed a battery with Furuya in the match against Komadai Fujimaki. Komadai brought an assault on Furuya's strong pitches early in the first innning and scored 2 points. On the other hand, no Seidou's batter managed to land a hit against Hongou until Miyuki connect a Single in the 7th inning. Furuya's grounder allowed Miyuki to advance to 2nd but Furuya was out at 1st. Hongou then continued to shut Seidou out. In the end, Miyuki's hit was the only hit Seidou could managed that day against Hongou and they ended up losing 0-2. Miyuki told Komadai's captain that they better not lose to any team before Seidou faces them again.

Spring TournamentEdit

With their success and deep run in the Fall Season, Seidou was seeded for the Tournament and was bypassed to the 3rd round. Seidou's first opponent was Eigen High.

Third roundEdit

Miyuki homerun Eigen
Miyuki blasts a HR
At bat after Haruichi got on base, Miyuki landed a 2-runs HR on a fastball. After 6 steady innings, Seidou led their opponent by 11 - 1 and Sawamura comes to relief in the 7th inning. Miyuki tells Sawamura they should try using only fastballs for the match and the later complied. Managing to get strikes with his fastballs, something he could not do reliably in his first year and at Spring Senbatsu, Sawamura got 3 consecutive strike-outs and quickly closed out the inning. With Seidou leading by 10 runs, the game was called after the 7th inning. Despite being pleased with Sawamura's pitching during the match, Miyuki still gave Sawamura a lecture afterwards about the importance of getting strike on the first pitch.

Fourth roundEdit

Playing as the only pitcher, Furuya struggled with pitch command in the early stage and having to pitch under pressure after walking runners on base. With big helps from the fielder, Furuya started to stabilize his game in the later stage after losing 2 runs. Seidou batting line up continued to connect successfully throughout the game and Houdai Ichi was taken down in a called game by the 7th inning. Miyuki thought that Furuya's pitching has somehow became strained after coming back from Senbatsu.


Miyuki Sawamura Numbers
Miyuki and Sawamura wants to test the Numbers
Kataoka choose Sawamura as the starting pitcher, for the first time in the Tournament. After ending the first inning 3 for 3 and established a strong start, Miyuki prompted to Sawamura that they should start using the "Numbers" in the later innings. On the top of the 3rd inning, Miyuki began mixing up a few of the Numbers' pitches into his lead in combination with Sawamura's straight fastball to great success and they were able to get another 3 up 3 down. In the 3rd inning, Kuramochi got on base and Haruichi brought him home by targeting the pitcher's Forkball. At bat next was Miyuki and the battery opted to walk him; however, Shirasu and Zono continued scoring, bringing Seidou's lead up to 4-0. On top of the 5th inning however, Sawamura's pitching started to destabilize, Miyuki realized that perhaps it was too soon to try some of the higher Numbers. Then he started calling for Sawamura's more reliable straight fastball to get him back into shape again and he was able to closed out the 5th inning with impressive stats, losing 0 run.[44] Furuya comes to replace Sawamura in the 6th inning and worked through 2 quick innings. Miyuki noticed Furuya was still not hitting his spot well but he was effective on that day. Miyuki suspected the match against Komadai has changed Furuya since he seems to have reverted back to his first year mentality of fixating only on his pitches again. He also wonders whether this would be a good or disruptive change. On the bottom of the 7th inning, Masashi Yuki scored a 2 runs game-ending HR earning Seidou yet another called game victory over their opponent and moving on to the Semi Final.


Miyuki trusts Furuya
Miyuki places his trust in Furuya
Seidou's opponent in the Semi Final was Ichidaisan High, one of Seidou's long time established rival in the same block. Seemingly wanting to test Furuya's resolve after reading his notes, Kataoka choose him as the starting pitcher. Miyuki won a rare rock-paper-scissor game to earn Seidou the right to attack first as he wanted to score from Amahisa early in order to help ease up Furuya when he pitches. After Kuramochi and Haruichi got on base, Miyuki landed a RBI and Shirasu followed with another RBI earning Seidou a 2-0 lead. Despite pitching with the lead, Furuya's breaking pitches were in poor condition; as a result, he walked many runners and Miyuki had to repeatedly fall back to use his fastballs. After 5 innings, Amahisa's pitching started to stabilize while Furuya was still very unstable, considerably limiting Miyuki's game calling option. Ichidai mounted their come back in the bottom of the 5th after Furuya walked a batter and lost a run. Miyuki opted to use Furuya's fastball to overpower Amahisa but the batter read the battery and attacked the first pitch, sending it to Masashi's location who committed a fielding error and Ichidai reverted the score. After checking on Furuya's condition, Miyuki decided to trust that Furuya can recover and signaled Kataoka with a nod. However, the momentum was strongly in favor of Ichidaisan and they continued to land hits, extending their lead to 5-2 while Furuya continued to struggle.

Miyuki surprised by Sawamura
Miyuki astonished by Sawamura
Ochiai had to tell Kataoka that a pitcher switch is necessary in order to salvage the game and Sawamura was called in to relief after Furuya walked yet another batter. Facing the 4th and 5th batter, with bases loaded, Sawamura pitched accurately to Miyuki's mitt and quickly scores 2 strike outs to close out the inning, effectively stopping Ichidai's momentum. Bottom of the 7th inning, Miyuki said he wants to mix in more Numbers to get batters out quickly and Sawamura complied, saying he has complete trust in Miyuki's lead. Miyuki's effective leading helps keeping Sawamura's pitch count low and close out the innings quickly. In the 9th inning, Seidou managed to score 1 more run in the 9th at 2 outs and with a runner on 2nd base, Zono had an opportunity to tie the score; however, his long hit was caught by an outfielder and Ichidaisan won the game. Seidou is eliminated and failed to qualify for the Kantou Tournament.

Swinging his bat alone on the riverbank in the evening, Miyuki reflects back on the game and Sawamura's performance. He admits despite never thinking that Sawamura can shoulder the Ace number up until then, his bearings on the mound against Ichidaisan that day was exactly that of an Ace. Thinking back about his history with the 2 pitchers, Miyuki then realized he only has 3 months left to play with them.

Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Kuramochi YouichiEdit

Miyuki's batchmate and probably the person closest to him. Despite Miyuki's cheeky attitude, he and Kuramochi are often seen together at school since they are classmates. He is among the few people who openly scold, make fun or annoy Miyuki. Upon the retirement of the seniors, he (and Zono) became Miyuki's major support as the vice captain. He suspected about Miyuki's injury the night before the final and talked about it with Shirasu.[38] Despite his initial intention to stop Miyuki, he confronted him before the start of the final and told him to keep fighting until they win the match.[39] Kuramochi was clearly worried about Miyuki during the match and together with Zono and Rei helped to get him to the hospital afterwards.[45]

Sawamura EijunEdit

Miyuki and Sawamura form a battery
He inspired Sawamura to join Seidou during his scouting visit on his last year at his junior high. Sawamura shows both respect and familiarity towards Miyuki. Among all seniors, he only treats Miyuki like someone his age but when on field, Sawamura acknowledges his abilities as a catcher while Miyuki holds a deep belief in Sawamura. Following Seidou High's painful loss to Inashiro, Sawamura suffered from the yips. Miyuki somehow failed to help him recover and asked Chris to assist, which the latter succeeded.

Just like Miyuki, Sawamura never holds back his criticism towards him, even though the latter has become the captain. During the finals of the Fall Tournament, Sawamura has reminded Miyuki of the importance of honesty despite the former not knowing of his injury, and even ended up scolding Miyuki for hiding his injury.

I'm here because I wanted this person to catch my pitches. I'll make him accept my abilities!
Sawamura about Miyuki.[46]

Yuuki Tetsuya Edit

Yuuki recommended Miyuki as the next captain. He has a strong belief that the team can be stronger under Miyuki's guide, so although he knew that the burden would be extremely heavy, he knew Miyuki could carry it. Miyuki has great respect for Yuuki and goes to him for advice when he needs, which Yuuki always responds perfectly. Off the field, Yuuki seems to be enjoying Miyuki's company, as he was one of the regular people hanging out in Miyuki's dorm room. He would ask Miyuki to play Shogi with him, something he was still attached even after retiring.

Furuya SatoruEdit

Since no one in Hokkaido could catch for him, Furuya enters Seidou with the hope of meeting Miyuki, who he read about in a magazine. Miyuki was the first one to impress him by catching his powerful pitches. They form a good battery but Miyuki constantly lectures Furuya about his lack of control and stamina. Furuya seems to ignore Miyuki's sermons but in truth, listens to him and he continue to learn how pace himself and improve his control. Despite Miyuki's daring personality, Furuya looks up to him as the catcher who can make use of his potential. He knows Miyuki and his play stance so much so well that he was the first player to suspect Miyuki was injured, from Miyuki's irregular panting and excess sweating, right in the middle of their match against Seiko.[47] He suggested Miyuki to accompany him to the hospital after the match, which Miyuki refused and said there was no reason. Furuya didn't express his concerns to anyone afterwards.

Is your personality really that nasty?
Furuya to Miyuki.[48]

Narumiya MeiEdit

Miyuki and Narumiya have known each other since Junior High, and despite declining Narumiya's offer to go to the same school, they continue to have a good relationship, addressing one another with their given names. Personality wise, both have a lot in common. They tend to be overconfident in their skills and are deemed to be arrogant. They also like to tease their teammates and both have a strong sense of responsibility to their teams: Miyuki as Seidou's Captain and Narumiya as Inashiro's Ace. They also seem to know each other pretty well, with Miyuki once exploiting Narumiya's prideful nature to strike him out in a game.

For Miyuki, Narumiya is a special opponent for Seidou, one who they must take down to reach greater heights. During the Fall tournament, Miyuki is shown to be angry over Narumiya's selfishness that resulted to Inashiro's loss, saying that if he were catching for Narumiya, he'd never allow such selfish disobedience. Narumiya quickly pointed out that Miyuki's in a bad condition and not performing his best game with just one look at Miyuki's at-bat during the Fall Tournament Finals, even before 3rd years and other Seidou players (excluding Kuramochi, Shirasu and Furuya) figure it out.

Kataoka TesshinEdit

Miyuki has the greatest respect for his coach and at times they think very much alike when it comes to game strategies and using the right players for certain situations. Kataoka has high regards toward Miyuki too, he always wanted to appoint him as the captain after Yuuki, and he has complete faith in Miyuki's tactics and play callings during the match, making Miyuki the "coach on the field". They're both good at seeing the long-term benefit of using practice games to train players even if it means losing that game.

Upon learning of the coach's resignation, Miyuki makes winning the fall tournament and eventually spring Koushien Seido's top priority, so the team can fulfill the coaches pledge to lead Seido to Nationals for the first time in seven years. Preventing the coaches departure is one of the reasons he sites for deciding to play despite his injury in the fall tournament final against Yakushi. Although Kataoka was pretty worried about Miyuki and preferred to sub him out for the last inning, he knew they couldn't win against Yakushi without Miyuki so he kept him in. After the match, he apologized to Miyuki.[45]

Takashima ReiEdit

She is the first person who acknowledged Miyuki's abilities four years prior the manga|anime. She was impressed with his analytical ability on par with Chris Yuu Takigawa. Rei was a major reason for Miyuki to choose Seidou among his numerous invitations, and she was extremely upset with Miyuki hiding his injury which he suffered during the semi-finals and playing injured during the finals. Interestingly, Miyuki calls her Rei-chan, despite her being a teacher. They seem to be close.


His baseball sense is recognized by everyone. But his cheeky attitude really makes you sick.
Kuramochi about Miyuki.

Coach Kataoka acknowledges his skills as a "pivotal part of the team". Coaches from opponent teams also acknowledge his natural baseball feel, which is mostly uncommon to other baseball players. He has good judgement on when, and when not to take action during defense. He is skilled in drawing out the potential of his teammates and is really dependable to the pitchers. His catching skills are high, rarely letting the ball go pass him and leads in a way to make the best use of pitchers.



As seen in the manga and anime, Miyuki is observant of the overall field workout. He frames pitches with subtlety, receiving balls close to the chest, low and away or anything sharp but never stabbing at it, and turning pitches that nick the border of the zone - all depending on the batter's batting capability and behavior and on his pitchers. This ability enables him to take control of the defense and more importantly, making close pitches seem more inside the strike zone.

Caught StealingEdit

He is highly proficient on retiring base runners. The strength of his arm is said to be top-class in the country and he also throws accurately right on top of the base allowing the baseman to retire runner easily. In addition, he is also capable of reacting proficiently to irregularly bounced balls and prevent home-squeeze play. His defensive skills are so solid that it makes opponent’s runners very wary of him and sometimes lose their will to steal.[6]


His pitchers know how much more effectively and frequently they can execute all those nasty pitches in the dirt because of the confidence they have in the man receiving them. The way he prepares the Seidou starters and relievers, calls a game, manages with mound visits and even frames pitches is all a standard often recognized by the people in the baseball field. His reliability as the backstop proves his value on defense and presence that essentially amounts to having a coach on the field.


Formerly Seidou's 6th batter, he was most reliable when there are base runners. Miyuki could hit homers or long balls depending on the runners' positions. However, without runners on base, he was often struck out. Although his batting was unstable, he was acknowledged to be a capable clutch hitter at critical moments.

After becoming the 4th batter, though not as threatening as their former captain, pitchers are wary every time he is at-bat knowing he is skillful enough to hit their best pitches; in addition to the fact that Miyuki would often purposefully aims to hit the pitchers' best pitches in order to deal as much damage as possible to their confidence. The reason he is talented at hitting precise pitches coming from his experience and calculations. He has somehow overcome his weakness in the absence of runners and has been able to hit consistently, especially in critical stages of a match since the Fall Tournament.

In his 3rd year, Miyuki started using a wooden bat for batting practice. He is capable of hitting Toujou's difficult pitches to the fence with ease while using a wooden bat. Toujou said that despite missing some easy pitches here and there, his batting average against him is more or less 0.9.[49] As a result, his hitting and slugging average has continued to improve.

Player StatisticsEdit

Player Statistics

Note that this data is based on the official guidebook!
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Physical Strength
Mental Strength

Note: After the Summer Tournament, Batting average is .272, BA/RISP is .222


  • Miyuki took first place in the first official character popularity poll for both the online preliminary and final result.[50]
  • Kataoka has always thought of Miyuki as the next captain, who was also recommended by Yuuki.[51]
  • He loves pitchers with good control because they are easy to lead and predict.
  • His shoulder is strong enough that his teammates thought he would make a fine pitcher; however, Miyuki declined the idea stating that it's more fun to play as a catcher and leads the pitchers instead.
  • The last match-up between him and Chris happened during the 3rd years vs. current members wherein both coached their teams.
  • Interestingly, he has never been drawn without some form of glasses. Even asleep, he was shown wearing an eye mask. [52]
  • Miyuki and Kuramochi Youichi were the only two players from their year to make the first string in their first summer at Seido. However, Miyuki was the only one who became a starter right away.
  • Miyuki's dorm room number is 203. [6]
  • His roommates are Kimura (2nd year) and Okumura Koushuu, a 1st year catcher.
  • He was the catcher for an Edogawa Senior League team since his first year in junior high. His specific team was the Edogawa Dragons (江戸川ドラゴンズ).
  • He has no particular food preference but he doesn't really like sweets.[6]
  • He has no particular strength in academic performance but is very good at calculating in his head.[6]
  • Miyuki's hobby/special skill is cooking.[6]
  • He has great respect for Chris-senpai.[6]
  • There are only two known characters to call Miyuki with his given name "Kazuya": Narumiya Mei and Kawakami Norifumi (in the drama CD only).
  • In an online poll by Kodansha, called "Most Popular Megane Danshi", Miyuki placed 1st.[53]
  • He claims to be an "Edoko" aka a "Tokyoite." [7][54]
  • His family owns and operates a factory called Miyuki Steel (御幸 スチール).
    • The "steel" in the name is a play on the word steal. Both "steal" and "steel" are written and read the same way in katakana and they wanted to include something baseball-related. [55]
  • In the guidebook, it was revealed that Sawamura attempted to give Miyuki a nickname:[56]
    • KM
    • Miyu-Miyu (みゆみゆ)
    • Mr. Happy (おさち O-Sachi)
      • Based off a variant reading of Miyuki
    • Miyukki (みゆっき)
    • Four-Eyes (メガネ Megane)
    • Goggle-senpai (ゴーグル先輩 Gōguru senpai)
    • Mean Wife (イヂワル女房 Ijiwaru Nyōbō)
      • Because a catcher is considered the baseball team or the pitcher's wife
    • Fox (キツネ Kitsune)
    • Racoon-dog (タヌキ Tanuki)
    • Raccoon (アライグマ Araiguma)
    • Mikii (みきー)
    • Kazu (カズ)
    • Double-eyelid (二重まぶた Futaemabuta)
  • Rankings from the guidebook:[6]
    • Game Leading: Ranks second (with Chris ranking first).
    • Shoulder Strength: Ranks fourth (behind Carlos).
    • Batting: Ranks third in Fighting Strength.
  • According to Terajima's twitter:
    • Miyuki talks a lot when he's happy.
    • Neither he nor his father likes chocolate cake.
    • He started playing baseball because some kids in his neighborhood invited him to.
    • For his 17th birthday, Seidou's baseball club (both current and retired members) attempted to throw him a surprise birthday party.
  • He is one of the chosen players for the Tokyo Invitational game against the United States team, which is held in June and over the course of 3 days. [57]
  • As of the Spring Tournament's Eigen High vs. Seidou match, Miyuki has hit a total of 32 homeruns in official games. [58]
  • The average time it takes to throw from home plate to second Miyuki recorded in Senbatsu was 1.91 seconds. [59]
  • Miyuki likes a band called The Back Horn, confirmed by Terajima on Twitter.

Name EtymologyEdit

  • Miyuki (御幸) - Honorable Fortune
  • Kazuya (一也) - To Be One/First


  • "This starting position was what I acquired by my own strength, the plays achieved with the fielders and the types of balls I ask from the pitcher. I definitely won't give such an interesting position up to anybody."[7]
  • "If it means making the pitcher shine, I'll do whatever it takes. I'll lie if I have to, and make myself hated if I have to." - to Kuramochi[60][61]
  • "If he's destroyed by the yips, I'm the one who would be troubled." - to Kuramochi[62]
  • "Right now, you are still only a sprout of a great big eye-catching flower. That flower is small for now, but very strong. What kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you." - about Sawamura[63]
  • "You have finally stood there ... at the starting line of the ace dispute." - to Sawamura[64]
  • "I wonder why we all gathered here at this school? To play baseball or just to get along well with each other? Everyone here is not here to hold hands. From now on, it's impossible for us to walk on the same road."[65]
  • "If you can't listen to me, get off the mound this instance. You just don't realize, do you? That you stand on that mound as the team's representative. The number you bear on your back is not that light." - to Furuya[66]
  • "You have my utmost respect for fighting well and never running away until the very end." - to Sawamura[67]
  • "Making trouble for the team. This is what I was afraid of the most. I didn't want the team's moral to suffer a blow because of me. But even so, maybe I should've answered them with honesty sooner." [68]
  • "I'll never be able to forget the defeat in summer. Our pitchers improved drastically after experiencing the depressing defeat. Then this time, we have to win. There's something you can only find at nationals. I want to take them there."-to himself before hitting home run against Seiko.

  • "Actually, I formed a battery with Miyuki-senpai before. Because of that, I'm here right now." - Sawamura[69]
  • "How could he have so much confidence in him. That was my first impression of him." - Sawamura[69]
  • "Die, you pretty boy!" - Mishima [70]


  • Miyuki Kazuya
  • Miyuki on his first year at Seidoh
  • Miyuki during a game
  • Young Kazuya (anime)
  • Young Kazuya (manga)
  • Friends
  • Mei asking Miyuki to join Inashiro


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