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The Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament (or Jingu Tournament) is a tournament held every November, and only the ten schools that won their respective regional fall tournament participate. It is held in Meiji Jingu Stadium.

This tournament is said to determine the Fall champions. [1]

The winner is guaranteed a spot in the following Spring tournament at Kōshien.[2] The region of the winners of the Meiji Jingu recieve an extra bid for Spring Koshien.

In Act I, the tournament was from November 9-13.


Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament
Teams Rank Regional
Houmei High Runner-up Kyushu
Minou High First Round
Komadai Fujimaki High Champion Hokkaido
Seidou High Best 4 Tokyo
Tsurumigakoa Second Round Hokushin'etsu
Yamamori Academy First Round

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