Matsubara Nao
Ugumori High School
Bats: Throws:
Kanji 松原 南朋
Gender Male
Age 16 (debut)

17 [1][2]

Date of birth 8 November
Bloodtype AB
Education 1st Year High School (debut)

2nd Year High School [3]

First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 266
Anime S2 - Episode 11
Voice Actor Suzumura Kenichi
It doesn't matter who were up against, because we will always be the challengers.
Matsubara in Challengers[4]

Matsubara Nao is a student of Ugumori High School. He was a baseball player until an accident in his second year of junior high; he now uses a wheelchair and has decided to support his high school team as manager.


Matsubara has 'boyish' looks and generally looks friendly. He has dark hair with bangs that cover his eyebrows.


He is known for having good analytical skills and being able to pull his team together. Matsubara has encouraged and inspired many of his teammates by reaching out to them. He dreams of going to Koushien together with the team.



  • "I've finally found a goal. I want to aim for Koushien, after all." [5]



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