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Komadai Fujimaki
Komadai Nitta


Nitta Kōzō


Nishi Hideo

Komadai Fujimaki (巨摩大藤巻高校 Komadai Fujimaki Kōkō) is a high school located at southern Hokkaido.

The baseball team is the champion of the Summer Koshien (89th National High School Baseball Championship), defeating Inashiro Industrial in the finals with its pitcher relay strategy.

They proceeded to win the Hokkaido regional Fall Tournament which granted them a spot in both the Meiji Jingu Tournament (which they also won) and Spring Koshien.

They also became champions of Spring Koshien.

The team is led by coach Nitta Kouzou.

Baseball TeamEdit

First String
Hongou Masamune
Enjō Renji
Second Baseman
Nishi Hideo / Captain


Summer: 89th National High School Baseball Championship
Practice Matches Official Matches
  • u/n
Spring: 84th National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament
Practice Matches Official Matches
  • u/n
  • Senbatsu 1st Round: Komadai Fujimaki vs Toyoda
  • Senbatsu 2nd Round: Komadai Fujimaki vs Shoubi High School
  • Senbatsu Quarterfinals: Komadai Fujimaki vs Seidou High School
  • Senbatsu Semifinals: Komadai Fujimaki vs Hakuryuu High School
  • Senbatsu FInal: Komadai Fujimaki vs Osaka Seiseisha

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