Inamoto Masaaki
Sakurazawa High - No. 6
Bats: Throws:
Kanji 稲本 正明
Gender Male
Age 18 (debut)
Education 3rd Year High School (debut)

Sakurazawa High Alumni

First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 134
Anime S1 - Episode 45
Voice Actor Terashima Junta

Inamoto Masaaki was a student of Sakurazawa High and shortstop of Sakurazawa High's baseball team. He is close friends with Nagao Akira and Hidokoro Yoshimi, and a minor character in the series.




In middle school, while his friends Nagao and Hidokoro stayed bench warmers, Inamoto sometimes gets to play in games. Hence, had a semi-regular status.


West Tokyo TournamentEdit


Nagao is introduced in Fantasy during their match against Inashiro Industrial. When their team lost the match in a called game, Narumiya calls out to them saying to go home with their heads held high for their team only lost to the best team in the country for the season.


Inamoto together with Hidokoro and Nagao, watch the finals match between Seidou High and Inashiro Industrial from the stands.

Summer KoshienEdit

Inamoto is shown to be in the library with Nagao and Hidokoro. He and Hidokoro reads an article in a newspaper about Narumiya striking out Seihou High's monster batter, Sano Shuzo at Koshien. Nagao comments that it's not a surprise, thinking of what Narumiya had said to them after their semi-finals match.

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