Suzuko Mimori
Released May 2, 2014
Label Pony Canyon
Composed by EFFY
Arranged by EFFY
Lyrics by Shihori
Featured Order
preceded by
Seek Diamonds
followed by
Mirai e Tsunage

GLORY! is a single performed by Suzuko Mimori. The main track, GLORY!, was used as the second ending for the first season of the anime. It was used from episode 14 to episode 25 until it was replaced by Mirai e Tsunage.

Track Listing Edit

  1. GLORY!
  2. GLORY! (instrumental)

Notes[1] Edit

  • GLORY!
    • Composer: EFFY
    • Arranger: EFFY
    • Lyricist: Shihori
  • Sold exclusively on Comes with a special set of Mimorin playing cards.


  1. Additional notes from VGMDB


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