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Character PageEdit

  • Infobox - First appearance implicitly means first notable, recognizable appearance.
  • Requirements for profile picture of the infobox:
    • Size: at least 250 x 400 px
    • Format: png-format preferred
    • Quality: sharp images (the edges of the person should not be blurry); use raw materials (there shouldn’t be any text on the image etc.)
    • Angle: front shot, the person should at least be visible from hair to shoulder (notice that a picture of the whole person (from head to toe) is not desired as a profile picture – you can add it to the gallery or put it in the appearance section)
    • Clothes: uniform preferred (players only)
    • Background: not to dark, nor to light (sky, stadium, training grounds preferred)
    • Name: use ""
  • Appearance - The character's appearance. Begin with general body features, such as muscular, thin, tall etc. Describe features of the face and hair.
  • Character - Information on the character's personality and traits.
  • History - The character's history, basically the character's story before the current timeline.
  • Act I - The role a character played in the story so far. If a character does nothing worth mentioning in an arc, the section should not be written. Write summaries in function of the character in question. A quality summary is preferred.
    • Introduction - The first events of the series including the character (e.g. how they got to Seidou etc.)
    • Training Camp - If not really part of the introduction, a separate section is needed for the character's events during the Training Camp.
    • West Tokyo Tournament
      • Preliminaries - The character's events during the preliminaries.
      • Quarterfinals – Potentially the quarter-finals.
      • Semifinals - Potentially the semi-finals.
      • Finals – Potentially the finals.
    • Aftermath - The events between the finals of the West Tokyo Tournament and the Fall Tournament.
    • Fall Tournament
      • First Round – The character's events during the first round.
      • Second Round - Potentially the second round.
      • Third Round - Potentially the third round.
      • Quarterfinals - Potentially the quarter-finals.
      • Semifinals - Potentially the semi-finals.
      • Finals - Potentially the finals.
    • Spring Koshien - The character's events during Spring Koshien.
  • Act II – The character's events during Act II so far.
  • Relationships (with other characters) - the character's notable relationships. Note the main idea and evolution. Different relationships are bulleted in section heading WITH a link to that character's page (for example ===[[Sawamura Eijun]]===).
  • Skills - The character's baseball or other skills. When he/she has a special skill, use different section headings (for example: ===Pitches===).
  • Player Statistics – Use the data from the official guidebook only! Do not mess around with this data. It’ll stay the same as long as no another official data is released!

  • Trivia - Trivia items. Organized in a bulleted list. Speculations, fan material or shallow comparison to other series do not belong here!
  • Quotes - The quotes section. List memorable quotes in a bulleted list, always referenced. Not too many quotes are preferred, think of memorable speeches or a call-out by the character that identifies him or her well. Divide the quote section into quotes from the character and quotes about the character with a horizontal line,
  • Gallery – Outstanding images of the character (anime or manga) in good quality only (Note: quality before quantity)! Fan-arts do not belong here! If there are more than six images a sildeshow should be used. Not too many images are preferred - if there are more than 20 images in the gallery, they will be deleted.
  • References - Just the ==References== section with a <references/> tag below it. To collect the <ref></ref> tag info in the page. If the page does not have any references, add them.
    • Specific sources are always preferred but general references are acceptable as long as there isn't any suspicion that the added information is wrong.
    • You should only use references from original works and/or official translations.
    • References to the manga are highly preferred.
  • Navigation - if available

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