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There is no shortcut to glory. A player that cannot distinguish between assertiveness and arrogance play is not needed by the team.

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Narumiya Mei is a student of Inashiro Industrial and considered the No. 1 Southpaw of the Kantō region. He actually dislikes practicing, but makes fair effort when he deems a particular training to be necessary for him. Outside of pitching, Narumiya has a very bubbly, air-headed, and childish personality. He acts somewhat lazy, but is actually only focused and puts an effort on what he's interested in. He strives to become the number one pitcher in Japan.

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Sakurazawa High is a famous academic high school and was considered a weak baseball team, losing in the first round for 20 consecutive years. This however, changed with the coming of Nagao, Hidokoro and Inamoto. Sakurazawa is the only public high school in the prefecture to make it to the (89th) West Tokyo Tournament semi-finals.

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!! Season 3 announced !!

It's been announced on November 25, 2018 that Daiya no A - Act II will receive an anime in 2019.

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