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I'll pitch as much as I need to. It's the ace's job to pitch.

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Despite his small stature and frail appearance Haruichi Kominato has pinpoint precision while batting the ball despite the fact that he uses a wooden bat instead of a metallic bat. He also is extremely talented at defense. He has a habit of saying things bluntly and often praises either Furuya or Eijun, causing them to compete against each other frequently. He is easily embarrassed, especially when praised.

Featured Baseball Team

Sakurazawa High is a famous academic high school and was considered a weak baseball team, losing in the first round for 20 consecutive years. This however, changed with the coming of Nagao, Hidokoro and Inamoto. Sakurazawa is the only public high school in the prefecture to make it to the (89th) West Tokyo Tournament semi-finals.

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