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Main Characters

Featured Character

Narumiya Mei is a student of Inashiro Industrial and considered the No. 1 southpaw of the Kantō region. He actually dislikes practicing, but makes fair effort when he deems a particular training to be necessary for him. Outside of pitching, Narumiya has a very bubbly, air-headed, and childish personality. He acts somewhat lazy, but is actually only focused and puts an effort on what he's interested in. He strives to become the number one pitcher in Japan.

Featured Baseball Team

Inashiro Industrial is a high school in Hachiōji, a city in West Tokyo, that has a strong baseball team led by Coach Hiroshige Kunitomo and Kanto's no.1 pitcher Narumiya Mei. Inashiro have reached the National tournament for the past several years, having reached the Finals twice, making it one of the prestigious teams in the series.

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