Ace of Diamond Original Soundtrack 2
AoD OST 2 Cover
Released February 17, 2016
Label Pony Canyon
Produced by Pony Canyon
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Ace of Diamond Original Soundtrack
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Ace of Diamond Original Soundtrack 2 is the second original soundtrack album for the Ace of Diamond anime series, produced by Frying-Pan.

Track List Edit

  1. Grow stronger and go on
  2. Maximum wind speed
  3. Mental conflict
  4. Broken fences
  5. Higher ambition
  6. keep your eye on the ball
  7. Psychological warfare
  8. Trick play
  9. An unforgettable day
  10. Heat haze
  11. Setting sun
  12. Wandering
  13. Height of summer
  14. Heads or tails
  15. Walking in the rain
  16. Castle in the air
  17. Summer breeze
  18. Accidental rain
  19. Weeds after the rain
  20. Grow stronger and go for the win
  21. Grow stronger and laugh
  22. Untied shoelace
  23. Strength and weakness
  24. Faded uniform number
  25. Stealthily
  26. Blue tornado
  27. Climb over a wall
  28. Goddess of victory
  29. Batting eye
  30. Perform miracles
  31. Ticking sound
  32. Breathless interest
  33. Inner fighting spirit
  34. Calm before the store
  35. Pride in the "BLUE"
  36. Curtain call under the blue sky
  37. Grow stronger together

Notes Edit

  • Tracks 3, 4 , 6-8, 14-19, and 22-36: composed and arranged by Hajime Hyakkoku
  • Track 37: composed by yamazo, arranged by Hajime Hyakkoku
  • Tracks 1, 10-13, 20, 21: composed and arranged by yamazo
  • Track 2: composed and arranged by Yuki Nara
  • Tracks 5 and 9: composed and arranged by Shigeo Komori[1]


  1. Further notes from

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