Ace of Diamond -Second Season- Original Drama CD
Ace of Diamond SS Original Drama
Seidō High School Baseball Team
Released November 11, 2015
Label Pony Canyon
Ace of Diamond -Second Season- Original Drama CD is a series of original drama tracks featuring Eijun Sawamura, Miyuki Kazuya,Satoru Furuya, Haruichi Kominato, Kuramochi Youichi, Kawakami Norifumi, Maezono Kenta, Kanemaru Shinji and Toujou Hideaki.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Opening
  2. Coverage is Coming!
  3. Rare Service Area Along the Way
  4. Seidō High School Goes to the Hot Springs
  5. Ending

Summary Edit

Coming Soon

Navigation Edit

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